KONE traffic calculator

The KONE TrafCal™ elevator traffic analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of the passenger flow together with an analysis of different situations, such as embarkation, disembarkation, and everyday operation at sea. This analysis helps us create the ideal solution for your requirements and ensure the best possible flow of people onboard.


KONE Hybrid Destination Control System (DCS)

A DCS significantly increases the handling capacity of elevators on board passenger vessels – particularly during peak periods – by grouping people traveling to the same destination into the same elevator. The KONE hybrid DCS combines all the performance advantages of a traditional DCS with the ease of use of a standard collective control system. Passengers can select their desired floor on a standard car operating panel, avoiding any confusion, while people flow on public decks is significantly improved.


KONE Infoscreen

The KONE InfoScreen is a quick and easy way to deliver information to passengers and improve guidance on your ship. Screens can be fitted inside elevators, next to escalators, in a lobby, or on a landing. They can display elevator-related data as well as news, weather, advertising, and on-board announcements.


Equipment monitoring

With KONE E-Link™ the crew can monitor the elevators and escalators throughout the ship for an accurate view of transportation demand, performance, and availability. Maintenance personnel are quickly alerted to malfunctions and can address them before they inconvenience passengers.

Our solutions for reliable, safe and smooth vertical transportation


KONE MonoSpace®

The revolutionary KONE MonoSpace requires only a single shaft, eliminating the need for a machine room and giving naval architects greater design flexibility, while saving construction costs and weight. It provides energy-efficient vertical transport in a compact space, and as there is no machine room, it can even serve the topmost deck.


KONE MiniSpace™

The compact machine room of the KONE MiniSpace is simply an extension of the elevator shaft, with only a small additional space needed for the control panel. This makes it easy and cost-efficient to construct.


KONE TranSys™ goods elevator

The KONE TranSys is a heavy-duty freight elevator available in different car sizes to transport freight of up to 5,000 kg. Exceptionally space efficient, it needs no machine room, making it easy to position and reducing construction time and costs.

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KONE EcoDisc

Our elevator solutions are all powered by the compact KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine. The gearless KONE EcoDisc reduces space demands and ensures greater reliability. It is designed for a long operational lifespan while in daily operation and consumes significantly less energy than a comparable geared traction machine.


KONE accessibility platforms

Our space-efficient platform solutions can make any area accessible for people with limited mobility, where a conventional lift may not be practical. These solutions have a self-supporting construction, meaning they can be installed in a stairwell without major structural alterations.


KONE escalators

Our escalators and autowalks set the standard for safety, eco-efficiency, and design. They are high quality, reliable, have a low total cost of ownership, and provide continuous, efficient people flow between decks. They are also ideal for solving bottlenecks during ship embarkation and disembarkation and, when the galley is below the restaurant, they can help waiters move smoothly between decks.

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