Accommodating nearly 6,000 passengers on seven-day cruises out of Miami, USA, the Getaway is a triumph of technology and efficiency. In marine industry, reliability is the gold standard.


The Norwegian Getaway, one of the largest cruise ships in the world, offers guests a breathtaking escape from the ordinary. Boasting an industry-first ocean-side walkway and unique entertainment venues, the Getaway is an extraordinary megaresort in a class by itself.

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Fast facts

  • 4,000 passengers
  • 1,600 crew
  • 18 decks
  • 28 dining venues
  • 5 waterslides
  • 324 meters long, 41 meters wide

KONE solutions

  • 1 KONE MiniSpace™ Scenic Passenger elevator
  • 14 KONE MiniSpace™ Service elevators
  • 2 KONE escalators
  • Gangway button
  • KONE E-Link™ monitoring system
  • KONE InfoScreen displays
  • Regenerative drives for all elevators

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